Friday’s Five

1. Our last Easter pic as a family of 4.

photo 1

2. After the Easter festivities I cut 8 inches off of my sister’s hair. For those of you that don’t know, before this whole stay at home mom/wife job I did have an actual “real job” doing hair. I still do it on the side and I’m kind of obsessed with my sis’s haircut:

photo 2 photo 3

We’re practically twins now, right? A much younger, cuter me! ha! 🙂

photo 4

{instagram: paigecparker}

3. I’m still raving over the Chicken and Dumplings I made on Wednesday night from Mix and Match Mama ( I wrote about them here: ) I’ve had them for every meal since. Don’t judge me, I’m pregnant and the husband is on a business trip so it was a fend for yourself night anyway. <—– you totally bought those excuses of why I’ve had chicken and dumplings for 4 meals in a row, didn’t ya?


{ photo cred: Mix and Match Mama, duh! }

4. Speaking of the hubster being away on business…in our house that means I get to play the good guy for once. See… I’m usually the whistle blower, schedule maker, rule follower, yeller in this house. Don’t get me wrong Will is definitely the disciplinarian, but for some reason he only has to say it once and calmy and they respond. Typical. So, since Mr. Nice Guy was out of town I treated the boys to  a later bed time, popcorn, cookies and juice boxes IN their bedroom. WHAT?? Who am I?? They loved it and I loved it. Win-Win.

photo 5

5. You mean its been raining for a month and we are going to have a WHOLE WEEKEND in the 70’s. YIPPPEEEEE!!! I am looking forward to this for so many reasons.. baseball and soccer while wearing sunglasses and not a rain jacket, beginning to get our back patio and yard “spring/summer ready”, staying outside until the sun goes down and we HAVE to go in… I could keep going …

photo (2)





The Gym, A New Smoothie and a Severe Case of Atmophobia

Today was one of those days where I would have rather do anything than go to the Gym. Its 70 degrees outside, in January, and I can think of a million other things to do than go workout. But… I went. Now, of course, after the fact I am glad that I did as I sit here eating a left over enchilada and chips and dip. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually my blah gym days. While Hayden is in this 5t program, he goes to school at 9:30 which cuts in to all the good classes on Tues/Thurs that I can never make. So, I am stuck motivating myself. While singing in my head “Go big girl what you gone do, go go big girl what you gone do”.

I started with this Elliptical workout:


It appears easy, with one of the lowest number resistance workouts I have seen. But, it was tough! I worked up a major sweat and burned about 420 calories in the process.

Music: Pandora – Pop Fitness Radio

Next after giving my legs a good stretch, I did this arm workout.


 I really liked this one. Not very repetitive, I didn’t get bored and I could feel the burn.

Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

I used 10 lb. free weights.


Today I wore the Adidas Marathon 10

I have them in the Blue and Green below:



You can find them here: 43% off.

Baby K playing outside of the gym. Yes, I realize that he is no longer a baby, but until July 29th I will call him that. It’s a hormone problem. 🙂


{ Instagram: paigecparker }

Seeing as Hayden is only in school 5 hours a day, we have to rush home from the gym for nap time and mommy time which usually consist of a smoothie and a bath. In silence. It’s heavenly. Today I wasn’t really feeling a creamy/milky smoothie being as it feels like spring outside I wanted something a little more fruity and refreshing. Using what I had I home I concocted something up and it was the best one i’ve made BY FAR. I have pinned countless smoothie recipes calling for 10 different ingredients and I never like them. I’m a fast plain and simple smoothie girl, and this hit the spot.



1.5 cups Market Pantry Mango Frozen Fruit Blend

2/3 cup Orange Juice

Squirt of Honey

1 scoop EAS Lean 15 Vanilla Protein Powder

Put in Blender and Blend until desired consistency.

Easy and refreshing…Just the way I like it.




Or, if you google it… rest assured the picture above will pop up.

Needless to say when our hype everything up of weathermen started mentioning the threat of Severe weather tonight on Saturday, the anxiety started to build.


See…before this whole pregnant stuff happened, I have a nice little bottle of Xanax awaiting me everytime the sirens go off. Which, when you live in Memphis, is often. But now that I am with child and have to be all body conscious and such I will have to just be a big girl about it and deal like most human beings… prayer. So while all of you are tucked away in your bed tonight, I will be up stalking all of my weather peeps on twitter and thinking every little sound is one of our many humongous trees falling onto my house and making the husband go grab the kids real quick when really its just the wind blowing. DRAMATIC…I know (try living with me).



*Disclaimer: I often screen shot workouts I find on pinterest on my phone instead of pinning them. This means I have no idea who or where they come from. I do not take credit in anyway for these workouts or any other screen shots I may post.

The BEST Punch Recipe

This recipe is amazing! My Aunt gave it to me a few years ago and it’s been a staple at every party, shower, get together ever since. Once you try it…you’ll never serve anything else.


Punch Recipe:

1 cup sugar

12 oz. can frozen Orange Juice

12 oz. can frozen Lemonade (I’ve used frozen Pink Lemonade too when they were sold out of Lemonade. Works just the same.)

Large can Pineapple Juice

2 Bottles Ginger Ale




Dissolve 1 cup sugar in 2 cups of really hot water. Pour into plastic gallon size jug and add juices. Mix together; add water to fill jug and then freeze. (I usually do this the night before). Unthaw about 2-3 hours before needed. Add 1 to 1 ½ bottles of Ginger Ale when ready to serve. Cut Lecmon and Orange slices to float (makes it pretty).

One gallon will serve about 35 people based on using 6 oz. cups.