The Final Countdown (Marathon Countdown, that is) and a GIVEAWAY!

2 months from today, I will be well on my way to finishing the TCS New York City Marathon. Wowzers. Never ever did I think I would be training for a Marathon. I fell in love with running only a short 3 years ago. I fell fast and hard and that got me this…

photo 1


Yup, That was me. 2 Years ago. Much like my love for running,  I was training fast and hard and I wasn’t training smart. That landed me a really pretty leg accessory. Not only was it the most expensive “shoe” I’ve ever bought, It’s a situation I never want to be in again.

photo 2

After recovering from my stress fracture, I knew I had to start running smarter. I did some research, and that’s when I discovered the awesomeness that is ProCompression. Holy Smokes Batman…Game.Changer.

Let me tell you why I choose ProCompression, then I’ll tell you all about the PC Advantage and THEN you can enter for a chance to win a FREE pair of socks from the amazing folks over at ProCompression.
It is very rare that you will see me running without a pair of ProCompression socks on. I have purchased many of pair (3 to be exact) of ProCompression Marathon Socks on my own dime before the nice folks over at ProCompression sent me a pair to review. For me, after my stress fracture I needed something protecting my legs and feet. These Marathon Socks have become my security blanket. Not only do I NEED them for the circulation and protection as well as the recovery aid that they provide me, I’ve also gotten to where I can’t or don’t like to run without them. As I am entering the final countdown of this marathon training, I can’t imagine training without ProCompression.
Here are all the logistical details about ProCompression:

The PC Advantage

PRO Compression products are specifically designed to give you an edge and help you perform at the highest level possible.

They can be worn before, during and after a workout as the benefits of compression speed up muscle recovery through enhanced vascular flow in your lower extremities.
True Graduated Compression

PRO Compression socks deliver maximum comfort and speedy recovery times. The science is complex, but benefits such as improved blood flow, stability and comfort are universally understood. The moment you put these socks on your feet, you will feel the difference.

This design requires more effort to put on than standard socks. But it’s that extra effort and much-needed compression that make all the difference. Be patient and your feet will thank you.

True graduated compression promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet and ankles to toward your knees. This design also helps reduce swelling and inflamation while providing critical support to muscles and tendons.


Triathletes, Runners and Endurance Athletes

Your feet and legs are your engine. Anything less than peak performance and full recovery means unnecessary discomfort while operating at less than your best. Change all of that with the advanced design and materials that make PRO Compression socks your ultimate recovery tool.

Beyond traditional high compression, be sure to check out our specialized running sock. The innovative design, lightweight construction and stabilizing zone make it one of the most comfortable, yet effective, running socks available.
Golfers Gain an Edge

A key benefit of wearing compression socks over eighteen (or thirty-six!) holes is the delay of muscular breakdown and fatigue that comes from long-term play. This significant improvement enables you to perform at the highest level for longer durations of time than ever before.

Our goal is to give you yet another tool that will give you an advantage and help you play your best. Focus on your game – not the discomfort in your feet.

Elite athletes worldwide have understood and embraced the benefits of compression wear for decades. Increased blood flow, speedier recovery and greater all around comfort – all a huge component of your game and something the majority of golfers have been missing for years.
PRO Compression socks are the result of years of innovation. We started off with a unique design, used by endurance athletes for years, and added golf-specific enhancements for maximum comfort and performance. This sock was designed to keep you ahead of the competition. A better footwear choice is simply not available.

Our world-class design is complimented with specialized materials. Without them, it would be impossible to create revolutionary performance footwear. Cotton and wool simply aren’t going to cut it in a world where the best athletes rely on the highest-quality gear. PRO Compression uses a proprietary blend of nylon and poly materials, optimized for performance, benefiting both amateur and professional athletes.

All socks are designed and manufactured in the USA, giving PRO Compression complete control over the quality of every sock we sell, from design through manufacturing and distribution.

Our goal is to deliver a world-class sock that will enable you to play better than ever and recover more quickly than previously possible.

We’re confident you’ll feel the difference immediately.

Done…I’m sold. Are you?? I just got finished with my longest run yet.. 18 LONG miles! I was so excited to pull out my August Sock of the Month to tag along with me. {by the way, if you sign up for ProCompression emails, you can get in on their Sock of the month fun, too} I’d say we managed quite well…

Also, Pro Compression just recently came out with a brand new women’s legging that I have every intention of finishing my marathon in. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!!

Have you tried ProCompression? Do you want to? Comment below and share with me your running MUST HAVE and you could win a FREE pair of Marathon Socks!! hashtag, winning 🙂


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24 weeks to go…


Holy cow… This just got real! I’m so nervous excited for the next 24 weeks of counting mileage. I know it won’t come without its ups and downs but I am so ready for this journey with the end result being the New York City Marathon. I’m praying for a ready heart, mental strength and injury free legs. I can’t wait to share my training journey (I feel like I’m on The Bachelor with as many times as I just said “journey”) with you! There is some fun stuff that comes along with it like a review of Nuun Energy and a Pro Compression sock giveaway for one of you!


Below, I’ve posted the marathon training plan I will be following. I am not going for a certain pace or finish time since my goal is to honestly soak in every minute and to just finish. Although I would like to finish in under 4:30, I will be perfectly okay if that doesn’t happen. With that being said, my training plan is based solely on mileage. A great friend and rock star runner sent this plan to me knowing the goals I have in mind. I would love to know if any of you are joining me in training…

{24 week Marathon Training Plan}
A few notes that go along with training:

  • You can flip-flop your Wednesdays and Thursdays to give you some flexibility. If you are doing hills/tempo on Wednesdays, make sure to do a little warm-up and cool down, just some easy jogging. Do SOMETHING the day after, even if it is just a walk. It will make your Friday runs feel better.
  • The days after your long runs are all about rest and recovery. Make sure you hydrate well and eat healthy on Saturdays. Pay attention to what you eat that seems to affect your runs on Sunday-both good and bad.
  • Long runs- These are your practice for the real race. Pay attention to what clothing you are comfortable in for certain temperatures, what your stomach tolerates, etc… Practice hydrating and taking Nuun/eating every 45 mins-hour. You don’t want to do anything, wear anything, eat anything on race day that you haven’t tried before, so this is the time to try it.
  • Recovery- when you are finished with your long run, make sure to EAT within an hour, or at the bare minimum drink a recovery drink. You need lots of carbs with a little protein to make sure your body starts recovering faster. Ice baths works wonders for recovery, but take a little getting used to. WEAR YOUR COMPRESSION SOCKS during and after your long runs to help keep the blood flowing and stimulate quicker recovery.

Got it?? Seems doable, right?! AHHHHHHHHH…. Let’s take a moment for a slight freak out.



Okay, done. Let’s dot this…

To get us started take advantage of this Pro Compression Promo Code: BLG14 that’s good for 40% off Marathon Socks & Sleeves, plus free shipping (US address only). You can also join their Sock of the Month email list for great deals and new product announcements; sign up is located at the bottom of the Pro Compression home page.



That time I cried at Chick-Fil-A…

Hi! My name is Paige, and I’m a dreamer. If you don’t believe me just ask my parents. I’ve been coming up with crazy stuff since 1988, y’all. I am the first to admit that I set crazy high some may say unrealistic expectations for myself. Oh well. Let me get corny for a second.. What’s that quote?

Yup, that’s me!

Anyway… back to crying in Chick-Fil-A. If you’ve been following sanity amongst chaos for a while, then you’ve more than likely read my running story. I sat on my couch 7 months pregnant when I wrote that I wanted to run a full marathon in 2014. There she goes again, dreamin’. Well as if training and running a full marathon isn’t enough let’s just set that goal a little higher. I want to run the New York City Marathon. Ha! Silly girl, that’s reaching for the moon. After doing lots of research I knew I would never qualify. I’m a mediocre runner. I know that. I did find out that if you enter into the lottery 4 years in a row then you are guaranteed a spot the 5th year. Awesome.. That seems reasonable enough, right? So 4 MONTHS (December 2013) ago I sat at my computer and put my name in the lottery. They charged my card $5 and that was that. Fast forward to last night. Me, the husband and the kiddos were sitting down at chick-fil-a for dinner. Letting the kids play out their last bit of energy for the day and enjoying our time together. Will got up to take #2 to the restroom so I decided to check my email. And low and behold…

Holy crap! Jaw drop to floor… Does that say that I just got into the New York City Marathon on my FIRST try!!! Cue waterworks. Will gets back to the table all but thinking someone had died for me to push my phone over to him for him to see it for himself! I think we both kind of freaked out a little. For ANY runner this is a huge deal.. But for us mediocre runners, this is once in a lifetime! I am so excited!!! I often wear many hats.. Will’s Wife, Hayden, Kash and Dixie’s Mom, so and so’s friend etc… But this is my hat. Paige, NYC Marathoner. Has a nice ring to it, right??! Now don’t get be wrong.. I may be crawling across that finish line. But I will be there. This small town girl originally from Mississippi will be a NYC Marathon Finisher. Wow!!

(and not to mention I have really cool friends that show up to bootcamp the day after with awesome shirts like this.)

So… I hope you will join me on this journey. I will be blogging my way to and through the NYC Marathon as I train and countdown to November 2nd.

I can’t wait!!

As one of my favorite Brooks T-shirt says… Run Happy!


Fit Family Lifestyles Month

Happy New Year (28 days late). I hope everyone’s January has found them a little less busy and chaotic than mine.These 3 kids are no joke, y’all!  The Parker clan is packing up and heading in our different directions this weekend. Will and I are going down to New Orleans to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon while the kiddos are heading to the grandparents house for a long weekend. Today, we have a guest post from fellow mama, Kendra Thornton, just in time to help me prepare for our trip. Kendra is a Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. Enjoy!

Kendra Thornton Picture

Fit Family Lifestyles Month

With being a mother to three very active children, I find that I am always on the run…and I love it! It’s also helpful that by being so busy,  I get to stay fit and looking my best. Since it is Fit Family Lifestyles Month, I wanted to share with you some of my personal tips on how to stay fit and healthy while on the road or vacationing with your family!

Preparing for a vacation: Vacations are meant for enjoyment…right!? So with keeping that in mind, I always make it a point to work a little harder before my vacation starts by eating healthy and doing a little extra exercise! This will gives your body a little leeway to indulge while on vacation. However, I always stay active while I’m on vacation, even if it is just doing fun things like walking around amusement parks with my kids or making sure I get to the pool for a swim. Bringing that extra ‘luggage’ home around your love handles is never fun.

Pre Pack Snacks. If you want to make sure that your snacking is healthy, avoid the convenience store. Pack cut fruit, string cheese, pretzels or homemade trail mix for healthy snacking throughout the day. If you are craving something sweet, pack a little baggie of dark chocolate M&M’s to conquer the craving.

Bring Comfortable Shoes. You should pack a pair of heels for special occasions and your favorite tennis shoes. Not only will this save room packing, it will also encourage you to stay active because your feet will not hurt.

Make Your Accommodations More Like Home. Small children, especially toddlers, have a hard time adjusting to hotel rooms. It is not “their” sleep environment and they cannot ever seem to calm down and sleep. Ring some of the comforts of home like their favorite blanket, noise machines if they use one to sleep and their favorite books for bedtime stories.

Plan Ahead For Optimal Fun. If you take the time to plan your vacation ahead of time you will be able to enjoy more while you are gone. Make sure to look for hiking opportunities and other outdoor activities. Not only do these types of entertainment keep you fit, it helps the little ones burn off some energy.

I am always happy to celebrate Fit Family Lifestyles Month, and I hope that some of these healthy vacation tips will be useful to you. Of course, when we get home from vacation I always pack healthy snacks, encourage sports and outdoor activities and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

3 kids

You can follow Kendra on Twitter, here.



Holiday Gift Guide (for her)

With Black Friday quickly approaching, I’ve been making my list and checking it twice. It’s never hard to come up with things for myself so I’ll share my list with you first. It’s kind of random and all over the place, but so am I! 🙂 I even know think some of these are already under the tree!! And yes, my house is already fully decorated for Christmas. Thanksgiving is at our house this year, so we will just call it a “Merry Thanksgiving”.

Happy Shopping…

Midi Rings

50130-3_gold-cl-w180 20131125-163754.jpg

*nails: OPI Shellac “Did you ear about Van Gogh” ❤

I was skeptical at first but now I’m borderline obsessed.  These are from Francesca’s.

Drop Earrings


similar found here

Initial Bracelet

20131125-163802.jpg 20131125-163736.jpg

This bracelet from Turkoyz with the inital “P”. Love.


s563320-main-hero TB_56G901_000

I’ve been a Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue girl for a couple of years now and it’s still one of my favorites. A friend just introduced me to the new Tory Burch perfume and it’s pretty much AMAZING. Get it, or both.

BB Cream


More like a stocking stuffer. I’ve become quite the BB cream connoisseur and this is my new favorite.

Piko Shirt

Slate Gray Piko Knit

Hands down the most comfortable shirt on the planet. I’m currently on the “get one in every color” mission.  I get mine from Indigo here in Memphis. You can also get them from and most boutique stores.

Minnetonka Moccasins


I also want these in every style and color. It was so hard to decide which ones. I ordered mine from Amazon and used Prime for the 2 day free shipping. Buy a size smaller than you usually would, I’ve been told they will stretch.

Ugg Bailey Button Triplet in Chestnut


Welly Socks


I just got my first pair of Hunter Boots a couple of months ago. I LOVE them. Now, I am eying these Moss Cable Cuff Welly Socks in Cream. Must. Have. Them.

Pure Barre


Joining Pure Barre doesn’t work for me for many reasons (No childcare, it cost an arm and a leg, I LOVE my gym, etc…) but I borrowed the Pure Barre DVDs from a friend and I am LOVING them!!!!! I can see why people are so addicted. It is a great workout and I’ve really enjoyed doing it  on days when I can’t make it to the gym or out for a run.

Pro Compression Socks

20131125-163653.jpg 20131125-163720.jpg

I just got my first pair of Pro Compression socks. When I say they are worth every penny, I mean it. Coming off a stress fracture last year and constantly getting shin splints, these babies are the best most comfortable thing I’ve purchased. Here’s to keeping me injury free!! And, if you are an avid reader of Skinny Runner, you know that you can uses the promo code SKINNY and get 40% off. I’m eying the chevron pair next!

Sticky Be Socks


Obsessed with these yoga/barre/pilates socks. I’ll take all 6 please and thank you. Love.



I often go straight from the gym to the grocery store, lunch with Will, Hayden’s school etc… I’ve been wanting a pair of shoes to wear when I’m not working out to try and get some extra miles out of my running shoes. Since I practically live in all black workout clothes, I kind of obsessed with this pair of Nike’s. Need… Now.

So that’s my random holiday gift guide for me her. Maybe there is something that you haven’t thought of yet either and now you really really need can’t live without!

What’s on your Christmas List?!



Workout Wednesday

I fell off the “Workout Wagon” for a couple of weeks. I still went to the gym just for the sake of “going to the gym” but didn’t really feel productive. This week was much better. 35 weeks of working out down, 4 to go. I think I can, I think I can.

1 hour bootcamp class.
I am officially in the back of the pack. I had to use ALOT of modifications during this class. It’s like all of a sudden pregnancy slapped me in the face and I have a big ol belly in the way and a baby on my bladder making jumping jacks dang near impossible.

30 minutes on treadmill (4% incline 3.5 speed)
20 minutes on bike with resistance up as high as it would go (I think a 20 or 25) for a good leg burn/workout
Followed by the arm workout below…
Since I have been very limited on HIIT workouts during this last month of pregnancy, I have been really concentrating on trying to tone up my arms. I usually do cardio and a full body weight/body resistant workout. Well ladies and gentleman, that ain’t happening. So along with my cardio a.k.a. walking, I have really been upping my arm game. I usually do a quick high intensity arm workout with 8 or 10 lb. dumbbells and 15 reps of each move. The husband has informed me that in order to get more definition and become “stronger” I need to up my weights and lower my reps. Sounds easy, right?? Wrong! I am barely getting these dumbbells off the ground. Who knew 25 lbs is so heavy? My weight/reps have now changed to 12.5 lb. dumbbells and 8 reps. I am struggling. Hopefully ill get that definition I’m looking for soon. I may have to put down the cookie I’m eating while writing this though. Just call me counterproductive. Anyway, here is the set I’ve been doing 3 times a week.

Rest day. We enjoyed our first weekend at home in 5 weeks. We spent the morning taking the boys to the build and grow workshop at Lowe’s and the rest of the day at the pool. My kind of Saturday.



Rest day/worked in the yard and cleaned the house. That’s a workout if you ask me! There were definitely some calories burned!!

I caught the last 40 minutes of the early spin class then did a set of arms.

Arms again. Followed by a trekking class that totaled 72 minutes on the treadmill and 500 calories burned. Still not enough for the large 700 calorie chocolate chip frappe I had after. But, who’s counting??

An hour on the treadmill varying inclines and speeds, basically just trying to make it through a full hour on the treadmill. Set of arms and some legs (squats, lunges, calves 25 reps of each and repeated set 3 times)

Now will you please excuse me while I count down the hours/minutes/seconds before the Big Brother premiere tonight. Does anyone else share this same summer obsession or am I the only BB super-fan out there? OBSESSED.
photo cred


Workout Wednesday

1 Hour Bootcamp class at the gym.
Went for a walk at the park with the boys.


We traveled/ Rest Day

For the first time ever, I push mowed our yard. I’ve always wanted to learn how and I actually really enjoyed it! We did lots of yard work and pulled weeds/mulched our flower beds. I’m totally counting that as a workout! I think I’m more sore from the yard work than 2 hours in the gym!!

1 Hour spin class followed by 1 Hour Coreball class at the gym. Coreball is a class that offers a full body workout while using weight and the stability ball mainly concentrating on engaging the core.

{32 weeks} I wrote about the shirt and shoes here and the leggings are Nike.

Did this workout with my not pregnant friend, Courtney. I know I labeled it “Pregnant Girl Workout” but don’t let it fool you. This was HARD. Instead of the .5 mile run/walk change it to a 1 mile run for you non-preggos.

1 Hour Spin class at the gym.

Now that it is getting so hot outside I am back to my smoothie drinking. I have a lot of favorites but I am currently still loving this Post Workout Pregnancy Smoothie.


Another week in the books. Working out is becoming REALLY hard for many reasons, but I really do feel a lot better after I make myself go. I know it will make for an easier delivery/recovery. Fingers crossed!