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24 weeks to go…


Holy cow… This just got real! I’m so nervous excited for the next 24 weeks of counting mileage. I know it won’t come without its ups and downs but I am so ready for this journey with the end result being the New York City Marathon. I’m praying for a ready heart, mental strength and injury free legs. I can’t wait to share my training journey (I feel like I’m on The Bachelor with as many times as I just said “journey”) with you! There is some fun stuff that comes along with it like a review of Nuun Energy and a Pro Compression sock giveaway for one of you!


Below, I’ve posted the marathon training plan I will be following. I am not going for a certain pace or finish time since my goal is to honestly soak in every minute and to just finish. Although I would like to finish in under 4:30, I will be perfectly okay if that doesn’t happen. With that being said, my training plan is based solely on mileage. A great friend and rock star runner sent this plan to me knowing the goals I have in mind. I would love to know if any of you are joining me in training…

{24 week Marathon Training Plan}
A few notes that go along with training:

  • You can flip-flop your Wednesdays and Thursdays to give you some flexibility. If you are doing hills/tempo on Wednesdays, make sure to do a little warm-up and cool down, just some easy jogging. Do SOMETHING the day after, even if it is just a walk. It will make your Friday runs feel better.
  • The days after your long runs are all about rest and recovery. Make sure you hydrate well and eat healthy on Saturdays. Pay attention to what you eat that seems to affect your runs on Sunday-both good and bad.
  • Long runs- These are your practice for the real race. Pay attention to what clothing you are comfortable in for certain temperatures, what your stomach tolerates, etc… Practice hydrating and taking Nuun/eating every 45 mins-hour. You don’t want to do anything, wear anything, eat anything on race day that you haven’t tried before, so this is the time to try it.
  • Recovery- when you are finished with your long run, make sure to EAT within an hour, or at the bare minimum drink a recovery drink. You need lots of carbs with a little protein to make sure your body starts recovering faster. Ice baths works wonders for recovery, but take a little getting used to. WEAR YOUR COMPRESSION SOCKS during and after your long runs to help keep the blood flowing and stimulate quicker recovery.

Got it?? Seems doable, right?! AHHHHHHHHH…. Let’s take a moment for a slight freak out.



Okay, done. Let’s dot this…

To get us started take advantage of this Pro Compression Promo Code: BLG14 that’s good for 40% off Marathon Socks & Sleeves, plus free shipping (US address only). You can also join their Sock of the Month email list for great deals and new product announcements; sign up is located at the bottom of the Pro Compression home page.




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