Fit Family Lifestyles Month

Happy New Year (28 days late). I hope everyone’s January has found them a little less busy and chaotic than mine.These 3 kids are no joke, y’all!  The Parker clan is packing up and heading in our different directions this weekend. Will and I are going down to New Orleans to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon while the kiddos are heading to the grandparents house for a long weekend. Today, we have a guest post from fellow mama, Kendra Thornton, just in time to help me prepare for our trip. Kendra is a Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. Enjoy!

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Fit Family Lifestyles Month

With being a mother to three very active children, I find that I am always on the run…and I love it! It’s also helpful that by being so busy,  I get to stay fit and looking my best. Since it is Fit Family Lifestyles Month, I wanted to share with you some of my personal tips on how to stay fit and healthy while on the road or vacationing with your family!

Preparing for a vacation: Vacations are meant for enjoyment…right!? So with keeping that in mind, I always make it a point to work a little harder before my vacation starts by eating healthy and doing a little extra exercise! This will gives your body a little leeway to indulge while on vacation. However, I always stay active while I’m on vacation, even if it is just doing fun things like walking around amusement parks with my kids or making sure I get to the pool for a swim. Bringing that extra ‘luggage’ home around your love handles is never fun.

Pre Pack Snacks. If you want to make sure that your snacking is healthy, avoid the convenience store. Pack cut fruit, string cheese, pretzels or homemade trail mix for healthy snacking throughout the day. If you are craving something sweet, pack a little baggie of dark chocolate M&M’s to conquer the craving.

Bring Comfortable Shoes. You should pack a pair of heels for special occasions and your favorite tennis shoes. Not only will this save room packing, it will also encourage you to stay active because your feet will not hurt.

Make Your Accommodations More Like Home. Small children, especially toddlers, have a hard time adjusting to hotel rooms. It is not “their” sleep environment and they cannot ever seem to calm down and sleep. Ring some of the comforts of home like their favorite blanket, noise machines if they use one to sleep and their favorite books for bedtime stories.

Plan Ahead For Optimal Fun. If you take the time to plan your vacation ahead of time you will be able to enjoy more while you are gone. Make sure to look for hiking opportunities and other outdoor activities. Not only do these types of entertainment keep you fit, it helps the little ones burn off some energy.

I am always happy to celebrate Fit Family Lifestyles Month, and I hope that some of these healthy vacation tips will be useful to you. Of course, when we get home from vacation I always pack healthy snacks, encourage sports and outdoor activities and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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