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Friday’s Five

It’s been a long 2 months of no “Friday’s Five” posts and boy have I missed you. I’m baaaaaaaaacccckkkkk!

1. Our Halloween was so much fun this year. Despite the crummy weather, we were able to trick-or-treat. Every year seems to be more fun than the last. Here we are as a family of Minions:





2. This —–> (http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=f63562b3be485ea0ae33acf18&id=7bf7911fd7&e=e33c6e9892) Proverbs 31 devotion that really hit home this week. I’ve gone back and referenced it many times. It seems like so many people around me are dealing with their own hardships and battles, my heart literally aches for them. I love that our God is a God of redemption. A God that restores my faith in Him every SINGLE time I grow weary. Thank You, God.

3. This OPI nail polish that is so out of my comfort zone. I started out doing it on just my ring finger paired with Essie’s Vested Interest but now I have done it on all of them and I am LOVING it.

Mariah Carey Autumn Fall 2013 Nail Polish Collection – All Sparkly And Gold

4. Finishing up our first year of Football for #1. We always knew football would be “his sport” and he has been counting down the years until he could play. I have been so amazed by him and proud of him this season. Big things are in store for my little 18 and I can’t wait to have a front row seat.



5. This youtube video that I stumbled across on FB. It gives me chills everytime I hear it. AMAZING!

There is one for Men too:

Raising both boys and a girl, I pray pray pray that I can instill every word of these videos into each of their little hearts. Parenting is hard, y’all. Being a kid is harder.





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