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Baby Must Haves

It only took me 3 newborns to finally sort out the “Must-Haves” from the “I could live withouts”. Here’s some things I couldn’t live without this go around…not only for the baby but for myself, too!
Avent Bottles – you name the bottle, I’ve tried it. From Gerber to Dr. Brown’s. A friend suggested I try Avent this time around and I’ve fallen in love. You didn’t know you could fall in love with a bottle, did you? Doesn’t take much to get me excited…obviously. I love that this have few parts but still serving the purpose to help with colic, gas and spitting up. I have been very impressed.

Soothie Pacifier – Neither one of my boys took a pacifier. I recall many of nights leaned over into their bassinet just praying they would suck on it while holding it in their mouth. They didn’t and I’m sure God laughed. But, praise the good Lord above that #3 LOVES a paci. I bought all the cute ones before we had her but she is hooked on this Soothie one. I say its the ugliest one on the market. After some research about them, they really do have the best ratings and ergonomically are the best, too. They are the closest shape to the mother’s breast which is the reason most babies prefer them. Even if it is bigger than her head, it gets the job done. SIlence.



Rock-n-Play Sleeper – How did I ever live without this thing? How did I not know about it with babies #1 and 2?! Someone gifted this to me and I literally don’t know how we’d live without it. If anytime Dixie is sleeping, it’s in the rock-n-play. It puts the baby at a slight angle eliminating all worry for spitting up while sleeping and choking. It also cradles them around the sides to make if feel like they are being held instead of all alone in a bed or bassinet. Love, LOve, LOVE it! And, It’s on sale at Target right now, too!!


Sleep Sheep– In my house, a sound machine is a MUST. We all have one. There are too many different things going on around here at all times for anyone to get silence, so we just tune it out. DIxie LOVES her Sleep Sheep and I’ve mastered the roll over repress the button before it shuts off like a pro!!

Diaper Caddy – When we got home from the Hospital and I was setting up shop on the couch following my CSection, I was trying to figure out to get everything within arms reach. My MIL went out and got this JJ Cole Diaper Caddy from Babies R Us. It’s perfecting for everything you need during the night. I load it down every night before bed with Bottle’s, Formula, Diapers, Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Pacifier, Burp Cloth and anything else I may need in the night. It is definitely a MUST MUST MUST have.

Boppy Pillow – even us non breast feeding moms can benefit from a Boppy Pillow. Whether it be propping D up for some activity time or using it to support the boys when holding her, we have used a Boppy Pillow so much!




Formula Dispenser – Having 2 other kids with activities and obligations got us out and about much sooner than with the first or second baby. I have found it so easy to pack my Avent bottles in the diaper bag with the right amount of room temperature water and fill the formula dispenser with Dixie’s formula powder. When time for a bottle just dump it in and you have a ready made bottle in 2.5. Easy Peasy.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets – Our little bit LOVES to be swaddled. Once again, something the boys didn’t do. You can swaddle with the blankets from the hospital as they are the perfect size but I really like the Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddles as well as the ChickPea Muslin ones. Plus, it’s the same kind of swaddle Dixie’s future husband Prince George made his world debut in. If it’s good enough for the Royals’, it’s good enough for me! 🙂

And plus, this picture makes me laugh! Can any of my UK friends confirm if this is how babies are buckled across the pond? I’d love to know!! Poor, poor Georgie.


Hand Sanitizer – with Dixie being our smallest baby to date and it taking us a few weeks to get her back above birth weight, my Pediatrician could not stress enough hand sanitize, hand sanitize, hand sanitize.  I could buy stock in hand sanitizer as many bottles as we have around our house right now.

Graco snap-n-go Stroller – Like I said before, being out of the house much sooner then we anticipated this time around, this snap-n-go stroller has been so easy for us. LOVE!

Baby Connect app – What did we do without technology? I act like I’d forget to feed my baby if it weren’t for this app. I probably rely on it entirely TOO much but with all of our schedules lately I’d probably lose my head if it weren’t attached. Therefor, this app has been a lifesaver for me and it makes dr appointments much smoother too when the Doc ask how many bottles, diapers or ounces a day.



And for Mommy:
Pads – As much as we would like to think that you come home from the hospital and it’s just perfect fairy tale bliss…it’s not. Your body is going through so many changes over the next 6 weeks and I guarantee you will probably use google much more than you are used to. With that being sad, the ugly truth is.. you bleed. Alot. Go ahead and save yourself and your spouse the embarrassment or the total hormonal breakdown when you send him out to the store and he gets the wrong thing. Before you go into the hospital, go ahead and by the kind of pads that you like and prefer for function and comfort. Let’s be honest..to our husbands, they are all the same.

Sports Bras – Deciding not to BF this time was by far one of the best decisions I made for me and our family. Unfortunately, you still have the deal with the drying up phase. I am still living in these Danskin sports bras. Double and Tripling them sometimes for comfort. Bind Bind Bind, the milk goes away eventually. 

Benadryl- After my surgery and being sent home with so many different meds, I experienced lots of itching. I went through 2 boxes of benadryl the first month. Perk: because Benadryl is meant to help with allergies and to stop runny noses etc. it also aids in drying up breast milk. double score for me. If you are a breastfeeding mom, I’d ask your DR before taking Benadryl. We all know when BF, breast milk is liquid gold. 

Ibuprofen – remember how I mentioned all those body changes before?! Go on and buy a big ol’ bottle of ibuprofen. Just do it, you’ll thank me later.

Running Shorts – As much as we would like to all come home and fit in those pre pregnancy jeans, it just doesn’t work that way for the majority of us. Do yourself, your emotions and your spouse a favor and don’t even try to get into something you think “may fit” until after the first 6 weeks. The last thing you need is a total sleep deprived hormonal breakdown that leaves you feeling like a big pile of poo. I’ve had those, can you tell? This time I have lived in these nike lined running shorts. For all reasons listed above and also with my CSection Incision my underwear rest right on my incision site. ouch! These shorts have built in underwear that our much much more comfortable during my recover.


My Makeup routine has been quick and simple. I’ve listed my favorites for a less than 5 minute I look like I showered today look.


BB Cream

Bronzer/Blush duo



Lotion/Self Tanner – As if you aren’t already not loving your reflection in the mirror post-baby, you don’t need pale skin to make you feel that much worse. I love this Jergens gradual tanner for a natural, I haven’t been sitting inside for 6 weeks and I swear I’m not sleep deprived look.


I hope maybe you can find something from my list of Must-Haves that will help you too. What are your post baby must-haves? What about the next couple of months.. what could you not live without the first months after baby?




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