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A Break Before Baby


I unintentionally have taken a blogging break before baby. The past few weeks have been filled with making my list and checking it twice, Santa Claus style. I’ve been cleaning, getting everything ready to be gone away from my house for 3-4 days, getting everything ready for our big guy to start Kindergarten, school supply/clothes and grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments and just trying to enjoy every last minute of Summer with my boys. To say its all been a bit overwhelming would be an understatement. I can’t believe we are in our last 5 days as a family of 4. It all seems a bit surreal. We cannot wait to welcome Dixie into our family next week. I pray that among all the chaos that comes along with a new baby that I am able to soak in every minute of it and really cherish this special time in our life. I cannot wait to see the dynamic that a little girl brings to our crazy world of boy. I can’t wait to give my boys the title of “protector” of their little sister. I am excited to see my husband hold his daughter for the first time as I think she will show him and all of us a new look on life. More than anything amidst all the nerves, anxieties and worries, I can’t wait to hold the little girl I thought I’d never have. The blog has really taken off in the past few weeks even though I have been nonexistent. I am excited about getting back into regular blogging once we are home and settled. There is so much that I can’t wait to write about from trying to get back the post-baby body to new recipes I’ve been trying out. I will post a brief update when baby Dixie makes her grand debut. And, I’ll be back soon with some fun new posts this fall. Until then, please be in prayer for a safe delivery and recovery and a smooth transition for all of us!




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