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The Hospital Bag 411 part 1

I’m on baby #3 and I still struggled with what to pack in our bags. You’d think I’d be a seasoned professional by now. I was blessed with a fabulous baby shower on Saturday (post to come) and after 2 days straight including 7 loads of laundry, one full dishwasher, the help of my mom, and one exhausted pregnant lady I finally felt prepared enough to pack for the hospital and dare I say I think we are prepared enough to bring a baby home into our little world of chaos.

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I’m doing this post on what I packed for the baby. I will do a second post on what I pack for Me and Will (update: you can find the post on what I packed for Me, here.) as well as what I do for the boys who are going to be left with their grandparents.

It took me a while to even get back into “baby mode”. I really had to dig deep in my memory to remember what the hospital scene is like once the morphine drip wears off. Here is Dixie’s stash of stuff that will be going to the hospital with us.

The only advice I could give you when it comes to packing for the baby is DON’T OVERPACK. The hospital is going to have everything you need and then some to be fully prepared for the care of your baby. All you need to pack is the stuff you need/want as far as the babies looks or just your preferences of a certain brand. The hospital will have diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, nipples, baby wash, rags, mittens, lotions, breast pumps, creams etc.. I could really go on and on. Don’t pack any of that. As a matter of fact load up your husband’s bag with the leftovers from each day at the hospital and let them refill the stockpile. I am all about getting as much as you can from them. After all, we do pay for it. So, needless to say I didn’t pack any of that stuff this go around. Here is what I did pack:


  • The bag: Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote in “Party Punch” you can find it here

From left to right:

  • Hair bows and headbands. I had someone tell me you have to put a headband/hair bow on her right when she comes out so she will get used it. So, I’m listening. I’m still learning about this girl stuff.
  • I’m also bringing my own pacifiers. Neither one of my boys would take them, but by chance that Dixie does, I want to give her a cute one and not those big ugly ones the hospital gives you.
  • Mittens. Both of my boys came out scratching themselves like crazy. The hospital will offer you mittens but they are green, blue or yellow. I packed a couple of girly pink ones.
  • A pink receiving blanket for swaddling. The hospital will provide the generic footprint or neutral striped blankets for swaddling and I definitely do use those, but I put a pink one in her bag for pictures sake.
  • 2 newborn sleepers.
  • Burp Towels/”cloth diapers” I just like a certain kind of thick burp towel so I threw a couple of those in the diaper bag just in case I wanted to use them.
  • Monogrammed/Applique Gowns Since I have C Sections and we are in the hospital for more than the usual 48 I packed some cute gowns for when we have visitors.
  • Going home outfit and blanket I am so excited about Dixie’s going home outfit. It is the same outfit I went home in. I cannot wait to see her in it! Even though it is July in the MidSouth, the outfit I packed is very light so I packed a blanket to put over her too.

Along with her bag we have the car seat and Boppy Pillow. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, the Boppy Pillow will be your best friend, trust me.

And, that’s all folks. Very basic and really just stuff I wanted to pack versus needed to pack. I can’t reiterate enough that the hospital will have all of your needs there provided for you. Save your stuff for when you get home.

I am slowly getting my bag ready, I’ll be back soon with that post. (update: find what I packed in my bag here.)




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