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Workout Wednesday

I fell off the “Workout Wagon” for a couple of weeks. I still went to the gym just for the sake of “going to the gym” but didn’t really feel productive. This week was much better. 35 weeks of working out down, 4 to go. I think I can, I think I can.

1 hour bootcamp class.
I am officially in the back of the pack. I had to use ALOT of modifications during this class. It’s like all of a sudden pregnancy slapped me in the face and I have a big ol belly in the way and a baby on my bladder making jumping jacks dang near impossible.

30 minutes on treadmill (4% incline 3.5 speed)
20 minutes on bike with resistance up as high as it would go (I think a 20 or 25) for a good leg burn/workout
Followed by the arm workout below…
Since I have been very limited on HIIT workouts during this last month of pregnancy, I have been really concentrating on trying to tone up my arms. I usually do cardio and a full body weight/body resistant workout. Well ladies and gentleman, that ain’t happening. So along with my cardio a.k.a. walking, I have really been upping my arm game. I usually do a quick high intensity arm workout with 8 or 10 lb. dumbbells and 15 reps of each move. The husband has informed me that in order to get more definition and become “stronger” I need to up my weights and lower my reps. Sounds easy, right?? Wrong! I am barely getting these dumbbells off the ground. Who knew 25 lbs is so heavy? My weight/reps have now changed to 12.5 lb. dumbbells and 8 reps. I am struggling. Hopefully ill get that definition I’m looking for soon. I may have to put down the cookie I’m eating while writing this though. Just call me counterproductive. Anyway, here is the set I’ve been doing 3 times a week.

Rest day. We enjoyed our first weekend at home in 5 weeks. We spent the morning taking the boys to the build and grow workshop at Lowe’s and the rest of the day at the pool. My kind of Saturday.



Rest day/worked in the yard and cleaned the house. That’s a workout if you ask me! There were definitely some calories burned!!

I caught the last 40 minutes of the early spin class then did a set of arms.

Arms again. Followed by a trekking class that totaled 72 minutes on the treadmill and 500 calories burned. Still not enough for the large 700 calorie chocolate chip frappe I had after. But, who’s counting??

An hour on the treadmill varying inclines and speeds, basically just trying to make it through a full hour on the treadmill. Set of arms and some legs (squats, lunges, calves 25 reps of each and repeated set 3 times)

Now will you please excuse me while I count down the hours/minutes/seconds before the Big Brother premiere tonight. Does anyone else share this same summer obsession or am I the only BB super-fan out there? OBSESSED.
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