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iPhone photo dump

{Instagram: paigecparker}
Trying to soak up every second of this summer before baby brings it to a screeching halt! I have really been enjoying this special time with my boys!!

The day after my last “Workout Wednesday” post I had to go visit a cardiologist following my 32 week OB appointment. I was put on a 24 hour heart monitor and they ran all kind of tests. Sounds fun, huh? To sum it all up I was told I have severe anemia which is causing my heart to do all kinds of crazy things (jittery, beat really fast, hard to catch my breath etc.) Both my cardiologist and my OB assure me this is something common in 3rd trimester pregnancy and something that should work itself out postpartum <- have I mentioned that "postpartum" can't come fast enough??! Anyway, the baby is perfectly fine she is just measuring a little on the small side which is also common with the anemia. With that being said my working out has been cut back from 5 days a week to 3 and a lot less intense. Booooooo.

We are still spending our weekends at the lake and my boys are loving it! (Mommy and Daddy, too)

This is how everyone watches TV, right?

Hayden is officially “toothless” … This picture was taken right after he lost his 2nd top tooth, you can tell some crying was involved. Is pulling teeth a dramatic ceremony at your house too??

**pool days**

(33 weeks)
Top: Danskin from Walmart Bottoms: Champion from Target
Workout-1 hour spin class followed by 1 hour Coreball class

Top: A TJ Maxx find Bottoms: LuLuLemon running skirt (probably my favorite piece right now)
Workout-caught the last 20 minutes of a trekking (treadmill training) class followed by a 45 minute muscle works (weightlifting) class.


A rare Hayden sighting… See, that’s him, under the splash! He’s way too cool and way too fast for pictures these days. Oh the joys of a 5 year old!

Like I mentioned before, we are soaking up every last second of summer which means we’ve pretty much thrown naps out the window for a little while. My kids are scheduled down to the minute during the school year and I’m trying to be a little more laid back about it this summer. Which has meant on most days, Kash passing out wherever and whenever he can!

Attempting to “potty train” number 2 before number 3 arrives. This particular night he brought his potty into the bedroom while eating yogurt. He sat there for a while and he went. Whatever works.

Another “summer nap”

We had VBS at our church last week. I volunteered with the 1st Graders and had this super sweet Down Syndrome girl really take to me. I think God sometimes puts something or someone into your life at just the right time. Though she was a feisty little thing we had the best time and I learned to practice more patience and to appreciate my own kids for all that they are!











We spent Father’s Day weekend on the water with some great friends! The boys and I are actually still here for a couple of more days enjoying some relaxation on the river.

A picture from our walk this morning at the cabin. My cup runneth over.

Happy Monday!



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