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Workout Wednesday

1 Hour Bootcamp class at the gym.
Went for a walk at the park with the boys.


We traveled/ Rest Day

For the first time ever, I push mowed our yard. I’ve always wanted to learn how and I actually really enjoyed it! We did lots of yard work and pulled weeds/mulched our flower beds. I’m totally counting that as a workout! I think I’m more sore from the yard work than 2 hours in the gym!!

1 Hour spin class followed by 1 Hour Coreball class at the gym. Coreball is a class that offers a full body workout while using weight and the stability ball mainly concentrating on engaging the core.

{32 weeks} I wrote about the shirt and shoes here and the leggings are Nike.

Did this workout with my not pregnant friend, Courtney. I know I labeled it “Pregnant Girl Workout” but don’t let it fool you. This was HARD. Instead of the .5 mile run/walk change it to a 1 mile run for you non-preggos.

1 Hour Spin class at the gym.

Now that it is getting so hot outside I am back to my smoothie drinking. I have a lot of favorites but I am currently still loving this Post Workout Pregnancy Smoothie.


Another week in the books. Working out is becoming REALLY hard for many reasons, but I really do feel a lot better after I make myself go. I know it will make for an easier delivery/recovery. Fingers crossed!



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