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Workout Wednesday

How was everyone’s long weekend? Mine was a lot of fun and a perfect way to kick off our summer. Here are my workouts for the past week…
50 minutes on Treadmill – 10 minutes 8 incline, 10 minutes 6 incline, 10 minutes 4 incline, 10 minutes 2 incline, 10 minutes 0 incline
followed by this Pinterest workout:
*disclaimer: I often screenshot workouts from pinterest and do not actually “pin” them. I do not take credit for this workout and give full credit to the original pinner.

Did my own thing in the gym. And, for the first time I actually documented everything I did so I can share it with you. This workout was REALLY hard. I’m not sure if it is was because I’m going on 8 months pregnant and SO over the gym I did a lot of legs last week and was already sore or if it’s just a hard workout in general. But, I felt really good after and I was sore for a couple of days. Enjoy…

Saturday: Rest Day. As in, lay on a boat and do nothing but get sunburned.
Sunday: 3 mile walk with the family @ the cabin.
Oh, the sights you will see in south Tennessee

I think a little person got a hold of my phone at the point…
It was a very leisurely walk with 4 adults, 2 kids and 5 dogs. There was a lot of standing and waiting and walking. Do what you can, right?

Monday: Memorial Day. Rest Day. More laying on a boat and burning.

Tuesday: 1 hour Trekking class – 360 calories burned – “Trekking” is a treadmill training class offered at our gym that involves an hour of different intervals and speeds on the treadmill. It is one of my favorite classes. At this point, most of the class is spent power walking (3.5-4 speed) for me while changing my incline but yesterday I did manage to run (5.5 speed) for a little bit of the class. Even though I don’t get the full potential out of the class like I’m used to, It’s still a great workout surrounded by some of my favorite gym peeps and instructor.
45 minute Muscle Works class – A group fitness class that gives you a full body workout.

Wednesday: A 3 mile walk around my Mom’s neighborhood with my Mom.
Danskin dri fit shirt from Wal-Mart, Pony brand lined running shorts (a TJ Maxx find), Brooks Ravenna 4 Running Shoes
{31 weeks}

Music I’m loving this week:
Next To Me – Emeli Sande
Lights – Ellie Goulding
Summer Nights – Rascal Flatts
Get Your Shine On – Florida Georgia Line

5 out of 7 days of some sort of working out this week. How did you do?



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