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Friday’s Five

1. I’m loving the 31 diaper bag I ordered for Dixie. I’m kind of obsessed with their new “Party Punch” pattern


2. HAP lost tooth number 3 earlier this week. He looks so funny with that big gap right in the front.

{Instagram: paigecparker}
3. I finally got my deck “Summer Ready” this week! Yay!! Much later than I like, but after an unusually wet and cold spring, I’ll take what I can get.

4. Hayden officially had his last day of preschool on Tuesday. It’s Friday and we are all still alive. Maybe there is hope for us yet! Bring on the summer…

His first and last day of preschool. Looks like he’s grown a foot!

5. In T minus 5 hours, I will be staring at this for the next 3 days! This picture was taken on memorial weekend last year. They haven’t changed that much from behind! 🙂



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