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Workout Wednesday

Being 7 months pregnant may or may not be the best time to start “Workout Wednesday” but…It gives me something to blog about and will hopefully hold me accountable to my workouts. So here we go…

I will start with Mon-Wed of this week because I traveled over the weekend and can’t seem to remember much of last week. We will blame that on the exhaustion/pregnant brain. As many of you know this pregnancy halted my running around the 5 1/2 month mark. Due to some minor issues last week the doctor has now taken me off of the spin bike. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! That spin bike has been my saving grace for a good sweat since the running stopped. Now, I’m having to figure out other ways to get my sweat on… errrrrrr. Challenge accepted.

Monday –

30 minutes on the elliptical. 10 minutes (resistance 12 – forward) 3 minutes (backwards squatting low) 10 minutes (resistance 12 – forward) 3 minutes (backwards squatting low) 4 minute cool down (resistance 6 – forward) –300 calories burned

Arms: 15 chest press with 12.5 lb free weights , 15 shoulder press with 10 lb free weights, 15 bicep curls with 10 lb free weights, 15 overhead tricep extension with one 12.5 lb free weight. (repeat set 3 times)


Muscle Works group fitness class – 1 hour

10 minute cool down walk on treadmill


45 minute walk on treadmill (incline 4.0 speed 3.5) –360 calories burned

Arms: 15 chest press with 12.5 lb free weights, 15 dead lifts into upright row with 12.5 lb free weights, 15 bicep curls with 10 lb free weights, 15 overhead tricep extension with one 12.5 lb free weight. (repeat set 3 times)

My workouts have slowed down tremendously. I am used to doing 2 hrs a day 5-6 days a week in the gym in my non preggo state. It has been very challenging to keep the motivation going with all of the changes in my body and weight. Some days I feel like it would just be easier to give up and sit on the couch for the next 9 weeks. But I do feel better after I leave, even if I am working out like that of a geriatric.

Some workout things I’m loving these days:

C9 by Champion® Women’s Cardio Tank (found here) : I’m having to double up on my sports bra these days, for obvious reasons. I have a couple of these shirts from Target. They are considered a medium fit which means they aren’t “loose” but they aren’t too tight either. It has a built in bra so I only have to wear one sports bra then the top. LOVE. I’ve been able to wear it since early on in my pregnancy and it can still fit into it comfortably.


Danskin Now Women’s Mesh Panel Running Shorts (found here) : As I have mentioned before , I am always keeping my eyes open in the Walmart workout section. Sometimes you will luck up and find some cute, good quality stuff for really cheap. I found these shorts for $7 and I even found a couple of pair that were lined with the built in underwear. SCORE!! I do not like to spend a lot of money on “maternity” clothes and these have been great. I got them in almost every color!


Brooks Women’s Ravenna 4 Running Shoe (found here) : I’m borderline obsessed with my new shoes I got for Mother’s Day. They are so comfortable. Although, I am DYING to hit the road for a long run in them, I am really enjoying them for my new found walking career too. 🙂


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (medium sheer tint) – My face has been really dry lately which is very unusual for me. Once again, we will blame the pregnancy hormones. What am I going to do when I don’t have this pregnancy to blame stuff on?! Usually, I can’t wear a “moisturizer” because it makes my face very oily and causes me to breakout. I have been wearing this BB Cream to the gym. It is very light weight and doesn’t come off on my sweat towel and gives me just enough moisture for my face not to look dry and feel itchy. I talk about my other “Makeup Must Haves” here just in case you haven’t checked it out yet.


What I’m listening to:

Cruise – Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly

Downtown – Lady Antebellum

Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker

Cheers (Drink To That) – The Smash version

Gone Gone Gone – Phillip Phillips

Just Give Me A Reason – Pink

Did you get a workout in today? What are some of your workout favorites?




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