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Friday’s Five

1. A week full of wins for our Grizzlies. It’s so nice to have our city that is usually full of controversy and political mishaps brought together by some positive light and celebration! Go Grizz!!


2. A Mother’s Day weekend spent with my Mama and precious kiddos. And some sweet new kicks that I can’t wait to test out on the road once my uterus is baby free.



3. 29 weeks and counting… Baby Dixie is going to make her debut before we know it! We got a glimpse at her precious little face this week and it makes me that much more anxious to hold my sweet girl.


4. Celebrating another year of Marriage with my awesome hubby. I would get all sappy here but ill keep it short. I thank God everyday for him. I am so blessed with a wonderful life and it is most in part to him. I look forward to 50 years more…


5. Speaking of sappy… Class of 2026??!! 😦 no way! I’m hoping its because I’m pregnant and all the hormones but every time I think of sending this little guy off to Kindergarten in the fall I turn into a big ball of emotions. There’s nothing like the love between you and your first born and I’m not quite sure this mama is ready to let go quite yet. That’s what they make summer for right? 10 weeks at home and no school and I’ll be shipping him off to Kindergarten with a smile. But for now, ill continue to dread it and look at his baby pictures! *tear tear*



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