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My Running Story

“Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way. Run often and run long, but never out run your joy of running!”


I have NEVER been a runner, nor would I consider myself an athlete. If you would have told me 2 years ago I would have ran 2 half marathon’s by 2013 I would have laughed at you. After moving to Memphis and realizing what a huge running community is here, I couldn’t help but get the running fever. I didn’t know that I would ever consider myself a “runner” but the race atmosphere seemed really fun and it’s something I thought I would give a try. Who knew I’d fall in love?? I became borderline obsessed with running and still am 2 years later. Starting wasn’t easy and I have had many bumps in the road that have halted my running. I’ve hit walls mentally and physically, I’ve learned so much about myself through running and I have met some of the greatest people. Running is more than just a hobby, It’s really changed my life in so many ways.

I started running in May of 2011, 5 months post baby number 2. I was still not down to my pre-pregnancy weight and like I said before, not a natural athlete. So, running was hard. There were times I thought I couldn’t make it back home, or to the finish line. But I did, and I kept at it and It got better and easier and every run was a little bit more satisfying than the one before. As you’ll see below my first 5K was horribly slow. I remember that race and I don’t think I will ever be able to forget it. It was hot and humid and I wondered the whole time why I ever signed up for it. But as you’ll see with every race came a slightly better time and a sense of gratification that is unexplainable. I would now consider myself a “runner”. Me, a runner. Never would have guessed it. I’m even counting down to my first FULL Marathon in December 2014. Wow! If anyone ever tells me they “could never run”, I always say “yes, you can…I couldn’t run either.” Push yourself. You’ll be surprised what that body of yours can do. I know mine sure has surprised me.

Enjoy my ups and downs of races: PR’s (Personal Record), Slow races, Fast races, Injuries, “Just For Fun” races…they are all in there.

Firecracker 5k – July 2011 (37:49)
Hope 5k – July 2011 (37:28)
Nightcrawler 5k – July 2011 (37:18)
Elvis Presley 5k – August 2011 (33:21)
Chick-fil-a 5K – September 2011 (29:50)
Cooper Young 4 miler – September 2011 (38:12)
294084_522448934288_1399276440_n (2)
Lebonheur Pumpkin Run 5k – October 2011 (28:58)
Gobble Wobble 5k – November 2011 (26:32)
couldn’t find any pics from this race
St. Jude Half Marathon – December 2011 (2:11:56)
386201_526015526808_1251861951_n 389377_526023036758_680684917_n

Valentine’s Day 10K – February 2012 (55:24)
Move It Memphis 5K – February 2012 (26:39) placed 3rd in age group
St. Patrick’s Day 5k – March 2012 (28:19)
Urban Dare – April 2012
Oak Hall Run for St. Jude – May 2012 (30:16)
Gibson 5K – June 2012 (28:34)
Stars and Stripes 5K – July 2012 (28:51)
Hope 5K – July 2012 (27:48) placed 3rd in age group

Then, this happened:

photo 3

A runner’s worst nightmare, the 2 forbidden words…stress fracture. 4 weeks in a boot and no running for 8 weeks. Talk about humbling. I cried like a baby in the doctor’s office when he told me I was going to be put in a boot. I didn’t understand why this happened to me? I was running better than I ever had. Why?? I was so frustrated with my body because my heart was still “in it”. But, I did it. 8 weeks, no running. It as so tough and I learned to challenge my body in different ways. I worked out 5 days a week for those 8 weeks, picking up new classes at the gym that I never would have tried before. I learned that it isn’t always about what I want or my plans that sometimes our bodies just say STOP and we have to listen.
photo 2photo 1

After a 3 month “race break”:

 The Color Run – October 2012
St. Jude Half Marathon – December 2012 (2:10:25)
photo (3)6630_10151321362380325_888964658_n


I found out I was pregnant with number 3, 3 days after running the half marathon. Guess I can mark “run a half marathon while pregnant off my bucket list”. 🙂 So, needless to say 2013 has been filled with baking a baby and a pregnancy that halted my running around the 5 1/2 month mark. Race season is in full swing and I am looking forward to joining in on the madness again once Dixie arrives in late July.

**updated January 2014**

photo 2

 Cooper Young 4 miler – September 2013 (40:52)

photo 2(1)

Turkey Trot 4 miler Turkey Leg Relay – November 2013 (34:12)

photo 4(1)

New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon – January 2014 (2:13:15)



What’s your running story??





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