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Pregnant comments and a Kardashian

Yesterday’s workout:

60 min. Spin Class

followed by

60 min. Pilates Class

Today’s workout:

This 40 minute elliptical workout from FitSugar


400 calories burned

Music: ummmm… Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Elliptical TV

Followed by this arm workout. Quick and effective.


Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

During one of my many bathroom breaks at the gym, I ran into some of my favorite gym peeps coming out of one of my favorite bootcamp classes (that I can never make it to while HAP is in school. boo.). 1 of them had no idea I was pregnant and I was able to pull the whole “No, i’m not pregnant are you calling me fat bit” and she fell for it for a minute but I couldn’t bare it any longer and told her. I love a good joke–when they aren’t being played on me! 🙂 Then, I had 2 different people tell me that they knew I was pregnant but not because of my stomach. Excuse me? What does that mean?! “I can just tell”  is code for “Gettin’ big girl” to me. blah.

But… leave it to a Kardashian to make me feel better. After leaving the gym trying to process the passive agressive comments that I’m still not sure what they meant I was looking at twitter and came across these little pics. You see, me and Kimmie are due around the same time. And while I realize that I turn into a ball with feet while pregnant, for now, these pictures of Kim leaving the gym last night made me feel pretty darn good about myself.


(photo credit : http://www.justjared.com/tags/pregnant-celebrities/ )

I’m definitely not a Kardashian hater, y’all. I watch all the shows and follow them all on twitter so i’m technically a supporter that likes to hate on the Kardashians from time to time. They just make it so darn easy.

I’ll leave you with a little belly pic the hubby snuck last night. Had I known a picture was being taken I would have tidy’d up my bathroom a little bit.  Oh well.


<14 weeks 2 days>




One thought on “Pregnant comments and a Kardashian

  1. Dont you just love those comments. I got them too, & like you, I’m thinking “what does that mean?” Anywho, love the belly pic! You look great. And your pregnant, your bathroom isn’t supposed to be tidy. I say that as i lounge outside in the sun, AE is playing, & someone is cleaning my house. Lazy! I know… I swear I’m so tired I can’t stand up longer than 10 minutes.

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