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Back At It: Today’s Workout

Hello 14 weeks! Although, I am still sick most days, I am slowly starting to feel a little bit more like myself and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I went straight from Half-Marathon training, to running the St. Jude Half-Marathon December 1st, to finding out I was pregnant 3 days later. I forced myself to continue doing something throughout the first trimester and I did manage a workout or run 3-5 days a week the first 12 weeks. But, NOTHING like I am used to doing and I am so glad to start back on the workout grind again, for many different reasons… #1 I LOVE MY GYM #2 I love the people I work out with. It really has become like a big extended family and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. #3 2 hours worth of a babysitter EVERYDAY! SCORE!!!! #4 I like the way it makes me feel. The scale is steadily climbing in the upwards direction, but when I get that daily workout in, it makes seeing those numbers climb a little less painful.

Here is what I did today:


*Disclaimer: I often screen shot workouts I find on pinterest on my phone instead of pinning them. This means I have no idea who or where they come from. I do not take credit in anyway for this workout or any other screen shots I may post. Luckily this one says it is from fitfabcities.com with whom I give full credit.

I LOVE a pinterest workout! I have found so many good ones lately, that I can’t wait to share. I got to the gym about 8:30 this morning in time to get a spin number and set up for my FAVORITE spin class that starts at 9:00. After setting up my bike, I did this “Tank Top Arms” workout shown above. I used 10 pound free weights when needed.

Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

After completing the arm workout I had about 10 minutes before class started. So, I headed on over to the Treadmill (TM).

Ran on TM:

1% incline – 7.0 mph for 1 mile.

Averaging an 8:34 mile.

Music: Wild at Heart (Gloriana), Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That (Robert Randolph & The Family Band), This is the Stuff (Francesca Battistelli)


60 min. spin class

After spin I did 250 ab exercises. 25 of each different move concentrating on upper, lower, and sides. I will have to go into detail about this when I can get some pictures of each one. I usually try to do 500 but I am happy with 250. Ask my friend, Courtney, this core workout is KILLER.

This, only took about 10 minutes.

Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

The shoes I wore today were Saucony Grid Profile SKU:7882226 . I have about 4 pairs I switch between. This are a great running and cross training shoe. I have really enjoyed them. You can get them here: http://www.6pm.com/saucony-grid-profile-green-yellow-pink?zfcTest=mat%3A1





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