Pregnant comments and a Kardashian

Yesterday’s workout:

60 min. Spin Class

followed by

60 min. Pilates Class

Today’s workout:

This 40 minute elliptical workout from FitSugar


400 calories burned

Music: ummmm… Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Elliptical TV

Followed by this arm workout. Quick and effective.


Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

During one of my many bathroom breaks at the gym, I ran into some of my favorite gym peeps coming out of one of my favorite bootcamp classes (that I can never make it to while HAP is in school. boo.). 1 of them had no idea I was pregnant and I was able to pull the whole “No, i’m not pregnant are you calling me fat bit” and she fell for it for a minute but I couldn’t bare it any longer and told her. I love a good joke–when they aren’t being played on me! 🙂 Then, I had 2 different people tell me that they knew I was pregnant but not because of my stomach. Excuse me? What does that mean?! “I can just tell”  is code for “Gettin’ big girl” to me. blah.

But… leave it to a Kardashian to make me feel better. After leaving the gym trying to process the passive agressive comments that I’m still not sure what they meant I was looking at twitter and came across these little pics. You see, me and Kimmie are due around the same time. And while I realize that I turn into a ball with feet while pregnant, for now, these pictures of Kim leaving the gym last night made me feel pretty darn good about myself.


(photo credit : )

I’m definitely not a Kardashian hater, y’all. I watch all the shows and follow them all on twitter so i’m technically a supporter that likes to hate on the Kardashians from time to time. They just make it so darn easy.

I’ll leave you with a little belly pic the hubby snuck last night. Had I known a picture was being taken I would have tidy’d up my bathroom a little bit.  Oh well.


<14 weeks 2 days>




Bachelorette Weekend In The “Big Easy”

2 weekends ago (MLK Weekend) I went to New Orleans for a Bachelorette weekend. It took me a week to recover to even attempt a blog about it. And a week to blog about it. Better late than never, right? Pregnant+Nonstop go go go=Exhaustion. It was such a fun weekend for my cousin, Lauren. Me, being the Matron of Honor, had the fun task of planning the whole weekend. I think I was the ONLY one out of the 10 of us who had never even been to New Orleans. My “fun task” quickly turned into lots of research and lots of help and opinions from others. I am so proud to say that I can’t imagine doing NOLA any other way. We went to some fabulous places. My eyes, ears, mouth and stomach may never be the same…for MANY different reasons.


Paige's Phone 009

We left Jackson, MS around lunch and arrived in New Orleans at about 3:30. We could check in our hotel at 4:00 so that left just enough time for … you guessed it… a drive through diaquiri. Welcome to the “Big Easy”, baby!

Paige's Phone 013

Diaquiri’s from Diaquiri’s & Creams

1701 Lake Ave.
Metairie, LA
(504) 835-3698

Now onto the hotel. It wouldn’t be New Orleans if there wasn’t something interesting to be seen along the way.

Paige's Phone 014Paige's Phone 015

Yes, they were filming a movie. Yes, the guy is hanging upside down from a building and yes, the sign says “I have a tiny penis”. Never a dull moment.

We stayed at The Saint Hotel: Autograph Collection right on Canal Street. It was 2 streets away from Bourbon and the PERFECT location for us. I cannot say enough good things about this hotel. Everything was so nice and the staff was EXCEPTIONAL all the way down to the valet guys, bellman and front desk employees. It was an A+.



931 Canal Street • New Orleans, LA 70112 • Tel: 504.522.5400

Friday night once everyone arrived, we headed over to our 7:45 dinner reservation at Capdeville New Orleans.


520 Capdeville St  New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 371-5161


This restaurant was really so neat. It is small and is an American interpretation of the social houses so commonly found in London. The character of the restaurant alone is enough to go there and not to mention the food is AMAZING!

For an appetizer we started out with the Jalepeno, Sweet Corn & Cheddar Fritters. The majority of everyone ordered the Fish Tacos  with a side of fries and several orders of the Truffled Mac & Cheese for the table.


Don’t question it, just order it. By far, the BEST mac & cheese i’ve ever had!

Paige's Phone 018

The group at Capdeville.

Paige's Phone 023

Me and Lauren (The Bride-To-Be)

Paige's Phone 026

Me and My Cousin Emily


Off to Bourbon we go. Me, being a Bourbon street virgin, can only describe it as my version of hell. #1 I was sober. #2 There was a group of 10 of us walking down the middle of the street with people yelling obscene things from balconies and throwing beads at your head. HELL. Now, once I accepted the fact that this is what all the madness was about, I began to enjoy Bourbon Street for what it is really intended for…People watching. I honestly think the second some of these people turn the corner onto Bourbon, their dignity goes out the window. If only I had that much confidence. Woo-Wee. I swear I heard one middle-aged woman yell “The only problem is, I’m wearing a bra!” No ma’am, this is NOT a problem. I actually thank you for remembering to put it on tonight. After what seemed like a forever long walk we finally picked a bar. I’m not sure what made us “decide” on Razzoo Bar and Patio, but I am certain it was the overweight, mid twenties, homosexual white guy and the skinny, mid forties, straight black guy cover duo that sucked us in. I’m obsessed with them. Well, until they called our dancing “The Lazy White Girl”. Offended. Well, not really.. its pretty accurate, actually.


Razzoo Bar and Patio

511 Bourbon St  New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-5100


Get it, La!

pp 4

After Razzoo’s a $60 dollar burnt Bourbon Street pizza was had by all and off the dreamland we went. Fun day… Round 2 tomorrow, y’all!


Paige's Phone 037

Saturday morning me and Emily were up around 7 to go for a run. (Something about that internal clock). Being as I am 1. Pregnant so 2. I couldn’t drink, I was very much looking forward to our run and seeing the French Quarter in a different light. We headed left out of our hotel onto canal street and ran straight up to the RiverWalk. We got there right as the sun was coming up over the water. It was beautiful. We continued to run along the RiverWalk and then back down Canal and down Bourbon. I guess it had never crossed my mind that they cleaned Bourbon daily. We got to see this process. Literally, hoses and hoses of water and men scrubbing the streets, walls, fire hyrdrants etc… Wouldn’t you LOVE to have that job?!

Paige's Phone 027 Paige's Phone 029 Paige's Phone 030 Paige's Phone 031 Paige's Phone 033 Paige's Phone 034

We completed 3.16 miles around the French Quarter and quickly headed to Starbucks. (The real reason we got up at 7 am, right?)


Paige's Phone 038

I’ll have a Grande Decaf Nonfat White Chocolate Mocha, Please?!

Back at the hotel everyone was starting to get ready for the day.

Paige's Phone 042

Our Brunch idea quickly turned into more of a Lunch. In New Orleans you are unable to make reservations for Brunch/Lunch at most places. We walked to Jackson Square and figured we would just see what we could find. After being unsuccessful at a couple of places we finally stumbled across___________, (I can’t remember the name. 😦 but when I do find out I will update with all the info) right by Jackson Square that could seat us within 15 minutes. We’ll take it! A good stumble upon it was because the food and atmosphere were both wonderful! I settled on Red Beans and Rice while others chose Seafood Gumbo and most choosing a Crawfish PoBoy. Yummy!

Paige's Phone 043

After lunch, it was such a pretty day for it to be January, so we just decided to walk around the French Quarter and see all that there is to see.

Paige's Phone 040 Paige's Phone 039

The painted man pretending to be a statue–a classic NOLA staple. It didn’t matter that I knew that he was real and that I knew he was going to jump up, I still screamed every time he did it. Why do these things freak me out so much?!

The guy that turns into a car and drives through Jackson Square. I really just took this picture to send back to my 5 year old, that by the way, was completely unimpressed. But, I thought it was pretty neat. To each their own.

Next, we made our way to the French Market for a little day drinking (virgin for me), praline tasting and shopping, of course.


1008 N. Peters Street . New Orleans, LA 701162307030-Vendor_Booth_New_Orleans

A booth full of colorful masks?! We will take 9, please. By far the best purchase the whole trip. Pics to come.

Now, on to the only place people mention when I would tell them we were going to New Orleans…drum roll please….

Cafe Du Monde. Get in my belly! This place did NOT disappoint. I may or may not drive 7 hours back just for a bite. YUMMO!

Paige's Phone 045

800 Decatur St  New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 525-4544

Paige's Phone 046

Only the best thing I’ve ever tasted… EVER!

Paige's Phone 053

After a long and fun filled day of taking in all that New Orleans has to offer, it was back to the hotel for a Lingerie shower for La. Let the fun begin…

IMG_2387 IMG_2389 IMG_2391 IMG_2392

In case you are wondering…the FASTEST way to embarrass someone is to throw them a Lingerie Shower. Make them open thongs in front of their friends while the friends name the lingerie obscene names. Done. 🙂

The adorable personalized wine glasses I made for each of the bridesmaids and the bride using these decals I bought off Etsy. They turned out so cute and everyone loved them. A fun keepsake from the weekend.

(you can get them here: )


The Lingerie Shower could not have gone more perfectly. My favorite gift that we gave to Lauren was a coffee table book.

Paige's Phone 072

I had each bridesmaid send me a letter and pictures of them and Lauren and also pictures of the whole group. It ended up being 28 pages of great memories and pictures and something that she can cherish forever. It was such a fun idea and I had such a great time putting it all together.

photo (1)

Next we would put on our masks and head to our 8:30 pm dinner reservations.

Paige's Phone 067 Paige's Phone 060 Paige's Phone 069 pp 1 pp 2 pp 3

Our dinner reservation for Saturday night was at Dickie Brennans Steak House


716 Iberville St  New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-2467

It was phenomenal! 5 star, for sure. I don’t think you could have gone wrong with anything on the menu. Everyone either got the steak or the red fish and everyone could not speak highly enough of it. The service was amazing. I really feel like we got very lucky, there is not one place we went that did not treat us like gold. The service all around the quarter was to die for. Because of this, I feel like our weekend could not have gone any better.


We all got up and got ready to head home. 😦 A few of us had a 7 hour drive ahead of us, some were catching planes and others just traveling a few hours back. Breakfast Sunday consisted of a corn dog and cheese fries.. keepin’ it classy, Paige.

Celebrating Lauren becoming the future Mrs. Broyles has been so much fun and I can’t wait until their big day!! I know everyone made memories on this trip that will last forever!

pp 6



The Gym, A New Smoothie and a Severe Case of Atmophobia

Today was one of those days where I would have rather do anything than go to the Gym. Its 70 degrees outside, in January, and I can think of a million other things to do than go workout. But… I went. Now, of course, after the fact I am glad that I did as I sit here eating a left over enchilada and chips and dip. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually my blah gym days. While Hayden is in this 5t program, he goes to school at 9:30 which cuts in to all the good classes on Tues/Thurs that I can never make. So, I am stuck motivating myself. While singing in my head “Go big girl what you gone do, go go big girl what you gone do”.

I started with this Elliptical workout:


It appears easy, with one of the lowest number resistance workouts I have seen. But, it was tough! I worked up a major sweat and burned about 420 calories in the process.

Music: Pandora – Pop Fitness Radio

Next after giving my legs a good stretch, I did this arm workout.


 I really liked this one. Not very repetitive, I didn’t get bored and I could feel the burn.

Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

I used 10 lb. free weights.


Today I wore the Adidas Marathon 10

I have them in the Blue and Green below:



You can find them here: 43% off.

Baby K playing outside of the gym. Yes, I realize that he is no longer a baby, but until July 29th I will call him that. It’s a hormone problem. 🙂


{ Instagram: paigecparker }

Seeing as Hayden is only in school 5 hours a day, we have to rush home from the gym for nap time and mommy time which usually consist of a smoothie and a bath. In silence. It’s heavenly. Today I wasn’t really feeling a creamy/milky smoothie being as it feels like spring outside I wanted something a little more fruity and refreshing. Using what I had I home I concocted something up and it was the best one i’ve made BY FAR. I have pinned countless smoothie recipes calling for 10 different ingredients and I never like them. I’m a fast plain and simple smoothie girl, and this hit the spot.



1.5 cups Market Pantry Mango Frozen Fruit Blend

2/3 cup Orange Juice

Squirt of Honey

1 scoop EAS Lean 15 Vanilla Protein Powder

Put in Blender and Blend until desired consistency.

Easy and refreshing…Just the way I like it.




Or, if you google it… rest assured the picture above will pop up.

Needless to say when our hype everything up of weathermen started mentioning the threat of Severe weather tonight on Saturday, the anxiety started to build.


See…before this whole pregnant stuff happened, I have a nice little bottle of Xanax awaiting me everytime the sirens go off. Which, when you live in Memphis, is often. But now that I am with child and have to be all body conscious and such I will have to just be a big girl about it and deal like most human beings… prayer. So while all of you are tucked away in your bed tonight, I will be up stalking all of my weather peeps on twitter and thinking every little sound is one of our many humongous trees falling onto my house and making the husband go grab the kids real quick when really its just the wind blowing. DRAMATIC…I know (try living with me).



*Disclaimer: I often screen shot workouts I find on pinterest on my phone instead of pinning them. This means I have no idea who or where they come from. I do not take credit in anyway for these workouts or any other screen shots I may post.

Back At It: Today’s Workout

Hello 14 weeks! Although, I am still sick most days, I am slowly starting to feel a little bit more like myself and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I went straight from Half-Marathon training, to running the St. Jude Half-Marathon December 1st, to finding out I was pregnant 3 days later. I forced myself to continue doing something throughout the first trimester and I did manage a workout or run 3-5 days a week the first 12 weeks. But, NOTHING like I am used to doing and I am so glad to start back on the workout grind again, for many different reasons… #1 I LOVE MY GYM #2 I love the people I work out with. It really has become like a big extended family and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. #3 2 hours worth of a babysitter EVERYDAY! SCORE!!!! #4 I like the way it makes me feel. The scale is steadily climbing in the upwards direction, but when I get that daily workout in, it makes seeing those numbers climb a little less painful.

Here is what I did today:


*Disclaimer: I often screen shot workouts I find on pinterest on my phone instead of pinning them. This means I have no idea who or where they come from. I do not take credit in anyway for this workout or any other screen shots I may post. Luckily this one says it is from with whom I give full credit.

I LOVE a pinterest workout! I have found so many good ones lately, that I can’t wait to share. I got to the gym about 8:30 this morning in time to get a spin number and set up for my FAVORITE spin class that starts at 9:00. After setting up my bike, I did this “Tank Top Arms” workout shown above. I used 10 pound free weights when needed.

Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

After completing the arm workout I had about 10 minutes before class started. So, I headed on over to the Treadmill (TM).

Ran on TM:

1% incline – 7.0 mph for 1 mile.

Averaging an 8:34 mile.

Music: Wild at Heart (Gloriana), Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That (Robert Randolph & The Family Band), This is the Stuff (Francesca Battistelli)


60 min. spin class

After spin I did 250 ab exercises. 25 of each different move concentrating on upper, lower, and sides. I will have to go into detail about this when I can get some pictures of each one. I usually try to do 500 but I am happy with 250. Ask my friend, Courtney, this core workout is KILLER.

This, only took about 10 minutes.

Music: Pandora – Contemporary Christian

The shoes I wore today were Saucony Grid Profile SKU:7882226 . I have about 4 pairs I switch between. This are a great running and cross training shoe. I have really enjoyed them. You can get them here:




Post Workout Pregnancy Smoothie Recipe


I posted this recipe under my “1st Trimester Pregnancy Must-Haves” post ( found here: ). But I figured I would give it its on post so it is more accessible. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “pregnancy” smoothie. It’s really just a post workout smoothie that I am immensely enjoying while pregnant.



1 handful of Ice

Cover ice with Almond milk

1 scoop EAS Lean and Tone Protein Powder

1 Banana

1 cup MP Mango Berry Fruit Blend frozen fruit

Handful of blueberries

1 Spoonful of Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt

A Squirt of Honey

Put all into the blender and blend until smooth.





1st Trimester Must-Haves

I woke up today feeling like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Keeping a secret from your kids for 12 weeks and 1 day is hard, y’all! The boys are so excited. Kash, a bit confused, but just sharing in the excitement of his big brother. And as for Will, I think he is most excited that I can now *complain* for lack of a better word, about my discomfort, nausea and just general snide remarks, to someone other than him! Seriously, I haven’t been THAT bad. Here are a few, well 14, of my FAVORITES that got me through that mean ol’ first trimester.


1. Sweet and Salty Almond Bars:


These have been a must have for me every morning. Giving me just enough energy and the only thing I could really stomach first thing. Couldn’t live without them.

2. Smoothie:


I have had a VERY VERY tough 1st Trimester and beginning of the second. I was sick with both of my other boys as well so I guess it should have been expected. (funny how we forget these things). I haven’t been able to stomach much food. I have been forcing myself to still continue my gym/running routine if only for 30 minutes. This smoothie recipe has kept me on my feet after my workout.

1 handful of Ice

Cover ice with Almond milk

1 scoop EAS Lean and Tone Protein Powder


1 Banana

1 cup MP Mango Berry Fruit Blend frozen


Handful of blueberries

1 Spoonful of Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt

A Squirt of Honey

Put all into the blender and blend until smooth.

3. Ginger Root:


On top of the Phenergan that my OB has prescribed, I have found that Ginger Root helps a TON with my nausea. I take 2 capsules 3 times a day to help keep the nausea at bay. 

 4. FROYO:

images (1)

The only thing I have been “craving” or just able to eat is Frozen Yogurt and a lot of it. Take me to one of the serve yourself places and I’m in pregnant girl heaven!!

5. Maybelline BB Cream:


Don’t you just love all the new changes to your skin and body? Can you feel my sarcasm through the computer?  My hormones shoot into overdrive as do most of ours and my face just can’t keep up. I haven’t been wearing much makeup as I can barely stand to get myself out of bed but I have loved Maybelline’s BB Cream. It is a great, light product with just enough coverage. I wear it in Medium.

6. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm:

300 (1)

Holy chapped lips! Who knew they could get so dry. Winter and the wind aren’t helping matters much either.  I have really been loving the burt’s bees tinted lip balm. I carry it with me everywhere. I like it in Hibiscus.

7. Maybelline Falsies Mascara:


Most days you will catch me in these three things: BB Cream, Lip Balm and Mascara. It’s usually all I have time for or feel like putting on. I’m really like the Maybelline Falsies Mascara as of lately. I’ve always been a big Sephora lover and still wear all of my high end stuff for special occasions but being a busy mom of almost 3 kids. 2 of those in diapers, it’s been nice to find some drug store finds that are comparable to the expensive stuff that I LOVE!

8. Gud Body Lotion:


Burt’s Bees has come out with a new line called Gud. I’m kind of obsessed. I’m really liking their Vanilla Flame body lotion. I can bare many smells these days and I have been staying away from perfume. This lotion gives off just enough scent. And, if there is one piece of advice I could give a pregnant gal…Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. Your skin will thank you after the baby!

9. Facial Towelettes (Makeup Remover):


Can we say EXHAUSTED?? I usually have this long drawn out face routine at night. Not anymore. I have been using the Garnier The Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes to remove my make up at night. It even removes Mascara. Quick, easy and faster to bed. J

10. Toner:


Thanks to the prenatal vitamins and my already naturally oily face I have been in break out city. My mother-in-law introduced me to Aqua Glycolic Tone. It has been fabulous. Not too harsh on my skin but keeping the break outs to a minimum. My skin has been much clearer than baby #1 or #2 and I really think it’s because of this toner. It’s a little pricey, but worth it.

11. Oversized Sweater:


Being as we waited until week 12 to share our news and this being baby number 3, it has been VERY hard to hide the baby bump. Everyone told me with number 3 it just pops on out there and boy were they right… I feel like I look like I did when I was 5 and 6 months pregnant with #1 and #2. I have feeling this will make for a very LONG pregnancy as well. I have been the queen of the oversized sweater/tshirt look. Winter has definitely been on my side in keeping this little secret as well. Layer, Layer, Layer. This sweater from Forever 21 is one of my favorites. I have it in a Large.

12. Yoga Pants:


Can you really have too many pairs of black pants or leggings? I think not. I literally LIVE in these. Every time I got to Wal-Mart I always check on their Danskin section. They don’t keep stuff long but you can find some GREAT stuff in that section. Especially if you wear work out gear 5 days a week like I do. I am OBSESSED with these(I got them in a Medium:

13. Scarf:


It’s rare that you will catch me without a scarf and a hat on. It’s my go to look. I have racks and racks of scarves. It has been a MUST HAVE in helping cover the baby bump that really isn’t a baby bump  yet and just looks like you gained weight. Here is one of the many ones I wear from Forever 21:


14. Military Style Hat:


I have this hat in the first 5 colors and you will catch me in it on MOST DAYS. I ordered them off ebay a couple of years ago and was so excited when I saw they were still selling it. You can’t go wrong with a low side braid and a hat. Anything to cover the color of GREEN during the first trimester is a winner in my book.

Those are my absolute cannot live without must haves that have gotten me through my first trimester this go around. Now, hears to the 2nd trimester and praying this nausea stuff goes away. I’m ready for that energy boost!



Parker: Party of Five

An Ice Storm and no school has brought alot of excitement into our house, in more ways than one!



We are having a baby!!

Baby Parker #3 will be making his or her debut around July 29, 2013.

IMG_2369 IMG_2371

Just doing a little reading on his new role.


My precious friend, Cheri, made these shirts for the boys for the big reveal. She is so amazing at what she does. You can see her stuff or contact her on her personal FB here: (!/cheri.timmons ) Her Business FB here: (!/susielouiseclothing ) or, her Etsy shope here: ( ).