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Double Whammy … a deal and a giveaway!

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How adorable are these baby moccasins?! Originally $56 but for the next 2 days you can get them on GroopDealz for $19.99 and they have 6 colors you can choose from. I ordered them in blush (pink) for D. What color would you get for your little one?? (use the code CYBERMONDAY to get 10% off)

Shay and Sheaffer 12 Days of Christmas Gift Card Graphic

Shay aka Mix and Match Mama is giving away a $500 Nordstrom gift card to kick off the first day of her 12 days of Christmas. Hop on over to Mix and Match Family and enter to win. {and if you happen to win, I’ll send you my address so you can buy me a nice gift :)}




Holiday Gift Guide (for her)

With Black Friday quickly approaching, I’ve been making my list and checking it twice. It’s never hard to come up with things for myself so I’ll share my list with you first. It’s kind of random and all over the place, but so am I! 🙂 I even know think some of these are already under the tree!! And yes, my house is already fully decorated for Christmas. Thanksgiving is at our house this year, so we will just call it a “Merry Thanksgiving”.

Happy Shopping…

Midi Rings

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*nails: OPI Shellac “Did you ear about Van Gogh” ❤

I was skeptical at first but now I’m borderline obsessed.  These are from Francesca’s.

Drop Earrings


similar found here

Initial Bracelet

20131125-163802.jpg 20131125-163736.jpg

This bracelet from Turkoyz with the inital “P”. Love.


s563320-main-hero TB_56G901_000

I’ve been a Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue girl for a couple of years now and it’s still one of my favorites. A friend just introduced me to the new Tory Burch perfume and it’s pretty much AMAZING. Get it, or both.

BB Cream


More like a stocking stuffer. I’ve become quite the BB cream connoisseur and this is my new favorite.

Piko Shirt

Slate Gray Piko Knit

Hands down the most comfortable shirt on the planet. I’m currently on the “get one in every color” mission.  I get mine from Indigo here in Memphis. You can also get them from and most boutique stores.

Minnetonka Moccasins


I also want these in every style and color. It was so hard to decide which ones. I ordered mine from Amazon and used Prime for the 2 day free shipping. Buy a size smaller than you usually would, I’ve been told they will stretch.

Ugg Bailey Button Triplet in Chestnut


Welly Socks


I just got my first pair of Hunter Boots a couple of months ago. I LOVE them. Now, I am eying these Moss Cable Cuff Welly Socks in Cream. Must. Have. Them.

Pure Barre


Joining Pure Barre doesn’t work for me for many reasons (No childcare, it cost an arm and a leg, I LOVE my gym, etc…) but I borrowed the Pure Barre DVDs from a friend and I am LOVING them!!!!! I can see why people are so addicted. It is a great workout and I’ve really enjoyed doing it  on days when I can’t make it to the gym or out for a run.

Pro Compression Socks

20131125-163653.jpg 20131125-163720.jpg

I just got my first pair of Pro Compression socks. When I say they are worth every penny, I mean it. Coming off a stress fracture last year and constantly getting shin splints, these babies are the best most comfortable thing I’ve purchased. Here’s to keeping me injury free!! And, if you are an avid reader of Skinny Runner, you know that you can uses the promo code SKINNY and get 40% off. I’m eying the chevron pair next!

Sticky Be Socks


Obsessed with these yoga/barre/pilates socks. I’ll take all 6 please and thank you. Love.



I often go straight from the gym to the grocery store, lunch with Will, Hayden’s school etc… I’ve been wanting a pair of shoes to wear when I’m not working out to try and get some extra miles out of my running shoes. Since I practically live in all black workout clothes, I kind of obsessed with this pair of Nike’s. Need… Now.

So that’s my random holiday gift guide for me her. Maybe there is something that you haven’t thought of yet either and now you really really need can’t live without!

What’s on your Christmas List?!



Friday’s Five


I’m going to be that person today.

1. First and foremost I am most thankful for the mighty God that I serve. I am thankful that I live in a country where I can worship him freely. I am thankful for my faith, my Church and most of all that I am raising little believers with their Christian father. Thank you , God.


2. My husband. There is so much I could say and I could be really sappy but “don’t nobody got time for that”. He is my rock and he is my safe place. There is nobody on this earth more proud of him than me.


3. My children would be such a cliche number 3 answer. While I am so thankful for my children, I am most thankful for the health of my children. After the last few months that we have had, where we were so boldly reminded that good health is not something to take for-granted, now more than ever I am thankful for healthy children that I have been blessed with.


4. My Friends. While of course I am thankful for my family, I am also thankful for my friends who have become so much like my family. I have really been shown just what great friends I have lately. Some I talk to every once in a while but they always show up at just the right time, some I talk to once a week and some everyday. I love them all so much and I must say they are all pretty amazing. I am humbled by their kindness and their love for me and my family. I pray this Thanksgiving that they all know just how thankful I am for each and every one of them. Yes, I’m talking to you… 🙂


5.  Another very cliche answer but something that means so much to me. Our home. I’m so thankful that we were able to buy our first home 2 years ago. I am excited to host Thanksgiving at our house this year. I’m thankful for the memories that we are making here. It’s not always tidy and it’s not always clean, I pick it apart with its imperfections and complain about it’s quirks. But, at the end of the day it is my favorite place. I will choose staying in vs. going out any day. I take advantage of the fact that I have a nice, safe place to live and I need to be reminded more often just how much I have to be thankful for.


What 5 things are you thankful for?




Our Thanksgiving Menu with Grocery List/Savings


Seems like every year our Thanksgiving plans change for some reason or another. This year, I am happy to host it at our house with My Mom and brother and sister. We will head to Mississippi to have Thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwiches with Will’s family on Friday. I’m not some fancy cook, I don’t have tons of time or patience to spend in the kitchen and I hate recipes with more than a handful of ingredients. It always turns out great and stress-free. My kind of day. Will and I will be running the Turkey Trot on Thursday morning, and it’s a good thing because I am already salivating just while making my grocery list. I. Can’t. Wait. Here’s a glimpse of what our Thanksgiving eats look like.

Our Thanksgiving Menu:

Pimento Cheese Appetizer – As you have probably figured out by now, this is a staple in our house. You can find the recipe here.

7 Layer Salad – My Grandmother always made this anytime we would all get together. My Mom will make it this year. I will share the recipe with you guys soon.

Deviled Eggs – My Mom will make these too.

Ham – we will do Turkey with Will’s family on Friday, my family are more of Ham eaters, and we will cheat and get one from HoneyBaked Ham.

Stuffing and Gravy – I use this stuffing recipe.

Cranberry Sauce – Don’t judge, I use the can. oops.

Green Bean Casserole – I use the Classic Campbell’s Recipe.

Mashed Potatoes – We make these from scratch with red potatoes and lots of milk and butter and occasionally I will toss some Greek yogurt in there too when nobody is looking.

Sweet Potato Casserole – I will post my recipe tomorrow. Its so good and SO easy.

Corn – I’m a vegetable girl. I prefer vegetables over meat so I like to have to make all different kinds.

Sweet Peas – more veggies

Mac-n-Cheese – It’s for the kids, ya’ll. (maybe the husband, too)

Rolls – Sister Schubert’s all the way

Salted Caramel Brownie Dessert – Ya’ll know how much I love me some Mix and Match Mama. I’m becoming equally obsessed with her collaborative blog over at Everyday Cheer. She posted this recipe over there this week and I cannot wait to make it!

Strawberry Cake – also another staple in our house. You can get the recipe here.

Sweet Tea – it speaks for itself. Get in my belly!

As many of you know and most of you probably don’t, I’m a couponing nerd. I’m not so much of an “extreme couponer” where I only buy stuff that is on sale or free etc. I just make my list then search for coupons that match my list of things we need. I do get the paper every Sunday and clip from there, I use coupons , the Target mobile app, the Shopkick app, The Target Cartwheel app and I often print from SmartSource and And, I read and like my little couponing bible.

I already had some things in the pantry that some of the recipes call for so here is my grocery list of things needed to make Thanksgiving a hit at the Parker house. I’m sure, as always, that I’ve left something off. Just another excuse to go to Target, right? 🙂

Thanksgiving Grocery List:

Eggs – 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Butter – 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Sea Salt – 20% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Cornflakes – 10% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Mini Marshmallows – 10% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

1 can c/o Chicken Soup – $1 off any 5 Campbell’s condensed soups manufactuer coupon + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

2 cans seasoned corn – $1 off Del Monte seasoned vegetables manufacturer coupon + 10% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

**4 cans green beans – .50 off any 4 Del Monte canned vegetables manufacturer coupon + 10% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

**4 cans of c/o Mushroom Soup – $1 off any 5 Campbell’s condensed soups manufactuer coupon + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

**(2) French’s French Fried Onions – .50 off Manufacturer coupon *use 2* + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

**I also stacked 2 Target web coupons of $1 off when you purchase all 3 of the above

(3) Block of cheese – $1.25 with purchase of 3 MP cheeses from + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

bag red potatoes – 15% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Vanilla instant pudding mix

cool whip – 20% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

(2) brownie mixes – $1 off with purchase of 2 Pillsbury baking items + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

2 boxes of wheat thins – .75 off with purchase of 2 MP crackers from + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

caramel topping

(3) cans of  gravy – .75 off with the purchase of 3 MP canned gravy Target coupon that I got at the store from a previous checkout + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

(2) Sister Schubert’s Rolls – .50 off manufacturer coupon *use 2*

mac-n-cheese – 10% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

cranberry sauce

chicken broth – 5 % off with Target’s Cartwheel app

celery and an onion -you could use $1 off fresh vegetable purchase coupon from Target mobile coupons but I’ve already used mine 😦

(3) Boxed stuffing mix – $1 off with purchase of 3 MP stuffing mixes Target coupon that I got from the store at a previous checkout + 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

(3) boxed Instant Potatoes – $1.25 with purchase of 3 MP instant potatoes Target coupon that I got from the store at a previous checkout + 10% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Non related Thanksgiving items that were purchased:

Black Beans

Tortillas – 10% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Truvia – – $1 off target web coupon stacked with .75 off manufacturer coupon

Spaghetti o’s – 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

Pancakes – 5% off with Target’s Cartwheel app

2 Colgate toothbrushes – $1 off Colgate oral care item (use 2) *These are marked down to .94 right now at Target so both toothbrushes will be free. Hello Stocking Stuffer*

{I also used the $10 off Food or beverage purchase of $50 or more Target mobile coupon and my Target Red Card for an extra 5% off my total purchase}

So…I went into the store with 4 things on my list that I didn’t have coupons for. Here’s how my total shaped up:

All Items total at checkout: $95.28

Item total after using all coupons and discounts: $55.73

Total Savings of: $39.55

A pretty successful shopping trip, if I do say so myself and it happened with all 3 kids in tow and no major meltdowns. SCORE!

What are some staples on your Thanksgiving menu? Do you share the day with Family or Friends, or both? Any secret or not so secret couponers out there like myself?



Friday’s Five

It’s been a long 2 months of no “Friday’s Five” posts and boy have I missed you. I’m baaaaaaaaacccckkkkk!

1. Our Halloween was so much fun this year. Despite the crummy weather, we were able to trick-or-treat. Every year seems to be more fun than the last. Here we are as a family of Minions:





2. This —–> ( Proverbs 31 devotion that really hit home this week. I’ve gone back and referenced it many times. It seems like so many people around me are dealing with their own hardships and battles, my heart literally aches for them. I love that our God is a God of redemption. A God that restores my faith in Him every SINGLE time I grow weary. Thank You, God.

3. This OPI nail polish that is so out of my comfort zone. I started out doing it on just my ring finger paired with Essie’s Vested Interest but now I have done it on all of them and I am LOVING it.

Mariah Carey Autumn Fall 2013 Nail Polish Collection – All Sparkly And Gold

4. Finishing up our first year of Football for #1. We always knew football would be “his sport” and he has been counting down the years until he could play. I have been so amazed by him and proud of him this season. Big things are in store for my little 18 and I can’t wait to have a front row seat.



5. This youtube video that I stumbled across on FB. It gives me chills everytime I hear it. AMAZING!

There is one for Men too:

Raising both boys and a girl, I pray pray pray that I can instill every word of these videos into each of their little hearts. Parenting is hard, y’all. Being a kid is harder.




Happy Halloween

I could not be more excited to see October go but not without going out with a bang. Despite this…

I can’t wait for fun, pumpkins, candy and friends and hopefully some trick-or-treating. How appropriate for Halloween to be on a Thursday? Here’s a “throwback Thursday” to 6 years of Halloween fun in the Parker house!






Here’s to this little pumpkin’s first Halloween…

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!